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Mexico Holidays

Popular Festivals

The Mardi Gras Carnaval 5-day celebration takes place every year  before the Catholic Lent. It begins the weekend before Lent, and  is celebrated with parades, floats and dancing in the streets. Please note the dates are different every year. 

Fiesta de la Santa Cruz is a week-long fiesta which celebrates El Dia de Santa Cruz (May 3). The celebration continues to May 6 which celebrates the first mass at the village of El Cedral. 

Fiesta de San Miguel Arcángel (September 29) is a celebration of the Patron saint's of Cozumel -- St. Michael/San Miguel with an entire week of processions through the streets and masses. Patron saint's days last from 9 days before the date.

January  1 Año Nuevo New Year's Day, official Mexican holiday
January 6 Día de los Santos Reyes Mexicans exchange Christmas gifts in accordance with the arrival of the 3 gift-bearing wise men to Jesus Christ. 
January 17 Feast Day of de San Antonio de Abad Religious holiday where the Catholic Church allows animals to enter the church for blessing.
February  5 Día de la Constitución Mexico's Constitution, official Mexican holiday
February   24 Flag Day Mexican flag day, official Mexican holiday


  Carnaval Parades (1 week prior) 5-day celebration of the libido before the Catholic lent. Begins the weekend before Lent, Carnaval is celebrated with parades, floats and dancing in the streets, official Mexican holiday
March  21 The Birthday of Benito Juárez, Famous Mexican president and national hero, official Mexican holiday

16-23, 2000

  Semana Santa Holy week that ends the 40-day Lent period which includes includes Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Customary to break confetti-filled eggs over the heads of friends and family. Multitude of cultural expressions, including the massive reenactment of the Passion of Christ in Iztapalapa, and the fine craftsmanship of Judases to be burned or collected.
May   1 Primero de Mayo Equivalent to the U.S. Labor Day, official Mexican holiday
May  3 Día de la Santa Cruz (Holy Cross Day) Celebration of Saints and is celebrated 9 days prior
May 5 Cinco de Mayo
Batalla de Puebla (Battle of Puebla)
Defeat of the French army in Puebla, official Mexican holiday
May 10 Mother's Day Mother's Day
June 1 Navy Day Official Mexican holiday
September 1 Annual State of the Union Approximate date when the President delivers the address in the autumn.
September 8 Día de Nuestra Señora Local Baja holiday that celebrates Baja's first mission.
September 16 Mexican Independence Day Miguel Hidalgo delivered El Grito de Dolores, and announced the Mexican revolt against Spanish rule.
September 29 Fiesta de San Miguel Arcángel Patron saint's days last from 9 days before the date.
October 12 Día de la Raza Columbus' arrival to the Americas.
November 1&2 Día de los Muertos Honoring of Mexico's dead.
November  20 Mexican Revolution Day Mexican Revolution of 1910, official Mexican holiday
December 12 Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Virgin of Guadalupe
December 16 Las Posadas  Joseph and Mary's seek for shelter in Bethlehem. Las Posadas continues through January 6.
December 25 Navidad Christmas day.


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