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Most Talked About Things to Do Reviews:
Posted by our Cozumel Chatters Central board users

East Coast

Posted by Lisa on 06/25/02

Punta Moreno, has the biggest waves and Playa Bonita has smaller and bit safer then Punta Moreno.  There are no official lifeguards on the eastside but at Punta Moreno, Peter or Pedro that runs a small shop next to the bar is a certified lifeguard and he has saved many swimmers.

Posted by glassman on 08/22/01

It's about 20 minutes to mescalito's. I would rent a car, that way you can check out not only Mescalito's, but also Punta Morena, coconuts, and all the other places. Not to mention just seeing the east side coastline. Punta Morena is better for playing in the water, just be carefull with the currents.

Posted by BarztuleBetty on 12/08/00 - 21:16:30

Re: What is the name of the seafood place on the east side?

Mezcalitos?  Certainly nothing fancy.  You know, the grass hut look, the autographed T-shirts on the ceiling of the grass hut.  You can sit at the bar or the plastic table and chairs. Terrific view because it's all open.  No windows, no doors, no electricity.  A couple of hammocks a few feet farther, if you care to relax afterwards and watch the waves roll in.  And I have never considered it "filthy".  Sandy maybe, but not filthy. It's all personal preference and what you're looking for.  (and I think they have the BEST EVER grilled shrimp.)

Posted by pearl on 12/07/00

Re: What is the name of the seafood place on the east side?

Best east side spot is Coconuts - only cliff side view on the island - great bar - great
food  - and everything is really clean including the bathrooms. Ask for Mike the ex pat who owns the place - he will show you a great time.
Best Regards

Posted by Robert on 08/05/00

We took it easy and rented a Geo Tracker for the whole day.  I'm 6'2" and did just fine.  It was about $70 but we figured we saved $28 on taxis that day just going into San Miguel.  We took time to stop at several places and the girls especially enjoyed body surfing (boards available at 1 place for $6 an hour).  The Caribbean was a stark contrast on the eastern side than the western side because of the huge breakers coming in.  That will probably be the day you'll also want to stop of Chankanaab Park.  ($10 admission)  You can easily spend 2-3 hours there snorkeling (look for the devil rays on the bottom and the baby morey eel hanging out there now.)   A taxi would cost a lot more for the day.

Posted by SB on 12/06/00

Re: What is the name of the seafood place on the east side?

If it is Chen Rio, then (+)... the whole fried fish is tasty, but definitely not cheap, and I have never seen as many flies at a table in my life, and I've doen lots of outdoor dining in coastal N.C. in the spring/summer, which is chock full of bugs.  

We literally had to eat with one hand and continually and vigorously wave with the other, just to keep the number landing on our food at a minimum.  It was one of the most annoying dining experiences that I have ever had.

Posted by yoorah on 06/20/00

We were there a couple of years ago, and are going back in August.  Its beautiful there and the little restraunts/bars/cafes whatevers, were really laid back and charming.  Quite a different experience then the west side.  Really beautiful to see the waves crash on the east.  Highly recommend it.

Posted by Jill on 06/18/00

Definately! I was there in April. We rented a jeep and spent one whole day at a few beaches on the otherside of the island. It was spectacular!
Fun bars too!

Posted by Rod on April 29, 2000

Chen Rio or Bob Marleys Bar

We did the trip twice. Chen Rio has good food and a real safe and clean beach. Bob Marley Bar has good food but the beach is not as safe for swimming. If your a strong swimmer you should be fine. Trudy is right,rent a car or take a cab. The road on that side is narrow and there are alot of blind spots. We rented a Suzuki for $45 both times and it was well worth it.

Posted by Rob on April 28, 2000

The east side is a little ruff at Bob Marley's.
It's very rocky there.  If you do rent something and want to make over to east on your own, rent a jeep.  We grabbed one right next to Plaza Las Glorias for a really good price. I forgot the name.  Chen Rio up the cost is about the best spot to "swim" (inside the bouy's. All the rest around it gets seaweedy.  It's very shallow in the roped off area. But they do have the food and I believe drinks. Don't quote me on that. have a great time!!  We'll see your foot prints in June.

Posted by Deb Mn on March 29, 2000

Rent a car!  Nice to have the freedom!  Get a topless and bring a t-shirt so you won't fry your shoulders! We drove around the island probably 4 times just checking out different places each time!  Don't forget you sunscreen!

Posted by diane on March 29, 2000

We spent two weeks in Cozumel in March and spent 2 days on east side.  We got up at 5:00 AM, Really with a breakfast packed and headed across island to Mexicalitos for sunrise about 5:30.  Totally beautiful.  We even were able to get coffee from Mexicalitos'. Headed to Playa Bonita for lunch and Playa Sol. Another afternoon was spent at San Francisco beach. East side is natural and deserted, definite must do.

Posted by BB on March 28, 2000

Definitely plan on more than a few hours.  As for the seclusion, you might not see anyone on the beach, but the road is right alongside the beach for the entire distance, and I found the traffic was fairly steady driving watch what you're doing, cuz others might be.  Lastly, do NOT leave any items unattended while in the water or doing those other things.  We were ripped off by a local passer-by on a moped, and lost a lot of expensive gear (unfortunately our rented jeep had no trunk to lock stuff in, and we got careless).

Posted by David on March 27, 2000

It's only about a 15-minute drive from town to the east side of the island.  You go past some ruins that are worth a stop (if you've never seen any Myan ruins you should go, but these are not in the same class as the big ones, i.e. Chichen Itza).  Allow at least 2-3 hours to drive around the island...and that doesn't really allow for any stops.  Allow for the better part of a day so you can stop along the way.

BTW, I would advise against renting a car without any will fry like an egg (at least I do).

Posted by Karl on March 26, 2000

It's an easy 20 min or so by car.  I'd suggest renting a vw convert. and taking the afternoon and stopping at all the little spots along the way.  Don't forget to stop at some on the deserted beaches along the way.  If you are brave, in the company of good swimmers and know how to handle the surf be sure to try it out if you like the waves.  Once you get to the e, drive south , then west then n and you're back in about 3 very enjoyable hours with several stops.

Don't forget to get Cozumel map -- the "new " one with all the details.



Posted by Kris on March 26, 2000

We went to the east side early in our stay and loved it so much we spent our last day there.  There the sand is the softest the ocean the wildest and the beer the coldest.
We found it extremely layed back and that was an important part of getting away from the hubub of the U.S.

Everything there closes between 5-6 PM so the day ends before you know it.

Posted by Denny on March 26, 2000

The easst side of the the island is worth as much time as you need to stop and enjoy the peacefulness and the wilder side of the waters around the island.  Blow holes and more wave action create some interesting sidelights to a drive around the island. The cantinas offer good food, away from the crowds in town, relaxing on the beach.  Take an hour, take a day, it's your choice, but don't miss the east side.

Posted by Karyn March 26, 2000

We drove down that side of the island after our visit to San Gervasio. We didn't stop at any of the beach clubs, but did spend about an hour at El Mirador, wandering around the reefs and taking some awesome pictures. The waves are rough and gorgeous.

Although we didn't spend much time over there, I really enjoyed that side of the island because it's so DIFFERENT from the west side. There is no development, and only a scattering of beach clubs along the coast. You cannot really swim or snorkel over there, because the surf is fairly rough, but it's definitely worth an hour or two to explore if you want to get away from the resorts.

I also hear that the best seafood on the island is at Chen Rio (on the east side), but we got there too late to taste for ourselves.

Posted by tat2chas on March 26, 2000

down a beach for a mile or more & not see another person. Exploring the exposed coral shelves, cut out by the sea into arches, under-cut slabs with blow-holes, sand-filled bowls carved by wind & wave & washed by the surf. I spend as much time as I can on el Otro Lado.

walk up the beach to the north, it just keeps on goin'. There are also stretches of beach between Mezcalito's and the Paradise Cafe where it's deserted at the right time of year & when there aren't 5 or 6 cruise ships in port. Cruise over early in the morning for a very quiet and private viewing of the sunrise. Sex on the beach is far more than a froo-froo drink w/ an umbrella in it.


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