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Sunday, 05th of July 2015
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Cozumel Island Guides: Cozumel Tours

Adventure Tours
Cozumel Adventure Tours

Tips: Because there are so many things to do on and off Cozumel Island, it's a good idea to plan ahead what things you want to do. In addition, planning will help you get the best tours. There are so many tours and tour operators, it's hard to know which ones are the best. Also, tour admission fees to parks can get expensive and planning within your budget can make your trip more enjoyable.

On Cozumel Island
Diving, snorkeling and shopping may the most popular activities on Cozumel Island but vacationers are not limited to those activities.  Cozumel has a rich pre-Hispanic history as well as natural sites for visitors to explore.  Exploration of the island can be done by foot, car, boat, or on horseback.  Choice of activities are numerous.  Vacationers will need more than a single visit to enjoy all the activities.

Archaeological sites on Cozumel Island:
El Cedral
Aguada Grande
San Gervasio
Miniature Golf
Cozumel Island's Museum
Punta Molas Lighthouse
Chankanaab Lagoon National Park
Deep-Sea Fishing
Sunset Cruise / Dinner Cruise
Horseback Expeditions
Statue in San Gervasio
Yucatán Peninsula
Playa Del CarmenAlong the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula is the coastal strip known as the Cancún-Tuluúm corridor.  The Mexican government is allowing rapid development along the coast and there is much to do and see. Taking a detour from that corridor will lead tourists to other must see tourist spots.  Beyond the corridor, into the mainland, may be a bit to travel for day trips so visitors often plan to stay overnight or travel with a tour operator offering air excursions.  Many visitors staying on Cozumel Island take the ferry and travel across to the mainland for day excursions.  Tourists can take the ferry to Playa Del Carmen and rent a vehicle or take a bus to most sites.  Tour operators offer excursions to all the major sites and costs usually include all transportation.
Puerto Morelos
Playa Del Carmen
Sain Ka'an Biosphere Reserve
Chichen Itza
Tulum Entrance

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Don't forget other things to do on the island including snorkeling, scuba diving, relaxing on the beach, shopping and restaurant hopping.

If you like to plan your own trips, rent a vehicle to help you get around the island.

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Hotel Cozumel Beach
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Cozumel Island and Cancun Travel Guide
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