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Tours On Cozumel Island

Archeological Sites on Cozumel Island
In brief: Cozumel Island was occupied from 0 A.D. on and served as a major port for trade. From 800 A.D., it grew significantly and reached it's peak at 1400 A.D. During pre Hispanic times, Maya women throughout the peninsula canoed across from the mainland to worship the Ix Chel, the "She of the Rainbow" or also known as the goddess of fertility. Many Maya structures did not survive destruction imposed upon by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during WWII. Today, 25 sites have been discovered on the island and a few restored.

El Cedral
El Cedral is the oldest and was once the largest Maya structure on the island. It is believed to be hundreds of years old and traces of the original paint and stucco can still found. El Cedral is different in shape from the typically small and low structures found on the island and is suggested it was used for major ceremonies. Next to the structure is a modern church and inside, the room is decorated with folk art, common in rural Mexico. During the 1800s, El Cedral was used as a jail. Today, the area is occupied by a small farm settlement.

Aguada Grande
Aguada Grande is slightly difficult to reach.  From San Miguel, travel across Av. Juarez to the other side of the island and turn left. Travel 21 km north to another dirt road leading inland. Visitors must hike 1.5 km to the site, which is 0.75 km from the Punta Molas lighthouse found on the most northern tip of the island.

Goddess Statue, Mayan RuinsSan Gervasio
San Gervasio consists of 3 groups of structures, primarily small temples and shrines. Here, the Temple of Ix Chel, the goddess of fertility can be found. The structures are well preserved and some have been reconstructed. Not too long ago, a grave containing 50 skeletons were found. Guides are available on-site but information can be picked up at the museum downtown and a green map purchased at La Concha. The site has a snack bar for cold drinks and is open from 8 am to 5 pm.

Cozumel MuseumMuseo de las Isla de Cozumel
The Museo de la Isla de Cozumel is located on Av. Rafael Melgar between Calles 4 and 6 N. It has 4 permanent exhibit halls as well as temporary exhibits, tours and workshops. The museum is worth the trip. Exhibits describe the natural development of the island, the local geology, flora and fauna, and the island's natural ecosystem. Exhibits also include the history of Mayan civilization to the present day. The museum is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

Punta Molas Lighthouse
Throughout the northern tip of the island are dispersed minor ruins. At the very northern tip is Punta Molas Lighthouse. The area is ideal for sunbathing, bird watching and camping. The rugged shoreline offers a scenic drive with beautiful beaches. Visitors should be aware of road conditions and is accessible with a 4 wheel drive.

Chankanaab Lagoon National Park
Chankanaab Park, CozumelThe wildlife sanctuary and archeological park is located 9 km south of San Miguel. The lagoon is surrounded by botanical gardens, boasting 352 tropical plants species from more than 20 countries. You can also dive or swim with the dolphins. In addition, the shallow waters host over 60 species of tropical fish, turtles, crustaceans and coral formations. Because the lagoon is a wildlife sanctuary and due to a major ecological study underway, visitors are forbidden to wear tanning lotion, feed fish or touch underwater specimens. For visitors interested in archeology, there is an interactive educational museum and reproductions of Maya ruins with examples of common living quarters. For visitors' convenience, the park also has showers, dressing rooms with lockers, 4 dive shops, a restaurant, 4 gift shops, and a snack stand. The park is open daily.

Deep Sea Fishing
The waters surrounding Cozumel Island, teeming with more than 230 species of fish, is considered to be one of the world's top locations for trolling, deep-sea fishing, and bottom fishing. Cozumel attracts anglers around the world for deep-sea fishing for barracuda, tuna and wahoo, and bottom fishing for grouper, yellow fish and snapper. Visitors are reminded of conservation efforts and are requested to observe regulations regarding commercial fishing, sport fishing, spear fishing and collection of marine life. Peek fishing season is May-July and there is a billing competition in May/June. Charters are available through various tour operators for a half day, full day or even for 4 day trips.

Sunset Cruise / Lobster Dinner Cruise
Boat tours can be more than a tour around the island. For a night of lively entertainment, try the 3 hour Lobster Dinner Cruise which includes dinner, open bar and live music.  If lobster isn't your favorite choice for dinner, Sunset Cruises are available with an open bar and live music. Sunset Cruises are 2 hours long and is something different from the quiet walk along the beach after dinner. Check with a tour operator for details.

Horseback Expeditions
A fun way to explore Cozumel Island is on horseback.  Horseback excursions will take you through the quiet bush to old Maya ruins where visitors can almost imagine what it must have been like during pre Hispanic times. English speaking interpretive guides provide information on local flora and fauna. 

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