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Cozumel Wedding Planner

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Shannon Elkins

Post subject: Cozumel Wedding Planner
Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2004 9:07 am
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I would recommend Stephanie and her staff to anyone who is looking to have a gorgeous beach wedding without worrying about the details. Ben and I just showed up at a celebration for us! All I had to do was wear the dress! The Mariachi, the food, and the flowers were some of my favorite parts of the wedding. It was such a beautiful and happy event that even if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing!
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Jacki Cosgrove

Post subject: The most wonderful wedding
Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2004 3:43 pm
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When Ray (my then fiance) told me that he wanted to be married at the southern lighthouse in Cozumel, I quickly began to investigate our options. Stephanie's website (www.cozumelweddingplanner.com) was the second one that I found and I am glad I found it! We met face to face July 30, 2003...that's when the planning started. Our Thursday night party (The welcome to Cozumel Party) was at sunset at Mr. Sancho's. The Friday night party was on the cruise boat "Catch the Wave" and the wedding was at sunset on Saturday at Punta Sur. We were the first couple to ever get married at the National Park Reserve. When I mentioned that we were expecting 30-35 people she said "No problem!" When it got down to the week before my wedding and the head count was 68 people, she said "No problem!"

Hiring Stephanie to help us with our 3-day wedding party was the best thing we could of ever done! Ray and I never stressed...we never worried how things were going to play out and we never once, not even on the day of the wedding had a nervous thought cross our mind.

There would of been no way that we could of pulled off this wedding with out Stephaine and her staff. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have found her.

Please check out my wedpage: www.cozumelweddingplanner.com/wedpage/Cosgrove.htm
Once you see how wonderful the pictures are and the video, you will want to e-mail/call Stephanie right away to book your wedding.

Please e-mail with any questions you might have via my wedpage.

Jacki Cosgrove
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Mark and Donna Marcy

Post subject: Stephanie
Posted: Sat May 01, 2004 6:17 pm
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Mark and I can never say enough great things about our wedding, or about Stephanie. Stephanie did a great job planning our wedding, and her personality is so easy-going that we were at ease when our "big day" finally came. The flowers, photos, and just the words of encouragement from Stephanie made our day AWESOME!!! Cozumel is such a pretty island, and we have NO regrets for getting married there. If you have your doubts about this service... DON'T. It is completely real and worth it. Thanks again to Stephanie, Miguel (the photographer), and the judge for making our dream come true. We will for sure be back to Cozumel many times in the years to come!

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Tara and Dave

Post subject: Bride
Posted: Mon May 03, 2004 1:18 pm
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I have to say a huge thank you to Stephanie and all her staff at Cozumel Wedding Planner and Mr. Sancho's Beach Club! My husband and I got married there in March and we arrived off of a cruise ship with 60 of our closest friends and family members. It was the most beautiful, perfect wedding I could have ever asked for! I always imaged a more traditional wedding in my home town and I was a little aprehensive at first about the whole "destination" wedding but I have to say that I would never change a thing! I can't believe how much Stephanie prepared for this day and how little I had to do! I really didn't have to worry about anything and we had the most picture perfect wedding! Everyone of our guests were so impressed! I honestly can't understand why anyone would go through the hassle of planning a huge wedding that costs a fortune. Do yourselves a favour, plan your wedding with Stephanie at Cozumel Wedding Planner and have the most romantic, beautiful wedding on the beach and spend half the money. Also, one more thing, did I mention how delicious the food was?!!! david.golfarb@sympatico.ca
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Post subject: The best thing I have ever done!
Posted: Fri May 21, 2004 7:22 am
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My Husband and I were married on the beach of Mr Sancho's Resturant and Stephanie of Cozumel wedding planner was more than a dream come true for us. I am a wedding photographer and an American and had high expatations of how we wanted our wedding to look. Stephanie had created exactly everything I wanted and so much more. Planning our wedding over seas could not have been any easier. If you are thinking about getting married in Cozumel I can tell you that going with Cozumel Wedding Planners is the most important thing you will do. I did alot of reasearch on other people on the Island, I also know alot of the things that go on behind stage with some of the other resorts like Ibrerostar where people were married among 100 of the closest people sun bathing and walking by, not my idea of a meaningful ceremony. At Mr. Sancho's there was 30 people at the beach and I did not even know they were there the entire wedding and reception. We had a total of 43 guests at our wedding. The food was amazing! We surprised our guests with a Marachie band! All of our guests said to us after the wedding that it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to! Again Stephanie is not only the best wedding planner on the Island, but she is creative, honest and hard working! Please email my if you have any questions. Sarah DiCicco smile4foto@hotmail.com
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andrew wright

Post subject: wedding in cozumel
Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2005 4:54 pm
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if you want a worry free, planned from the states wedding, call steph. she handles every detail by fax, email, and phone. when you get there she comes to your hotel for the paper work , blood tests and takes very little time from your vacation. the beach garden and flowers are fantastic. the judge , photos just great. thanks steph. the only way to go. awrightbroughton@houston.rr.com[/code]
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Jennifer Hill

Post subject: Our Perfect Wedding!
Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2005 4:54 pm
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Bravo!! Do not have one hesitation about entrusting your wedding day to Stephanie (Cozumel Wedding Planner) - she is the best!! My new husband & I just got married March 5th, 2005 in Cozumel. We contacted Stephanie through Travelnotes about a year earlier, and spent a lot of that time planning and anticipating the big day. We originally thought we'd have about 30 or so people make the trip to Cozumel, but ended up with 60! <br>We stayed at the Villablanca, which actually turned out to be quite nice. Jidan at Travelnotes helped us with everything, including many, many changes over the last few months/weeks to accommodate everyone who decided to come at the last minute - she was fantastic! I was a little worried because it's more of an "economical" hotel, and we hadn't even looked at it first, but as we were paying for our guests for several nights, it definitely fit more into our budget. It turned out to be so much fun, very cozy, and we all spent a lot of time congregating there around the pool and the little dining area. (Thank you for putting up with us!!) It wasn't a big deal not being right on the beach, as people could easily walk across the street to snorkel or swim. PaPa Hogs little palapa bar across the street also turned out to be a fun surprise, with live music and dancing in the sand for the late-nighters. Our guests were happy with their rooms, and with the exception of an occasional lack of hot water, it turned out to be perfect!

We did make a trip to Cozumel about a year before the wedding and met with Stephanie in person, which was nice, but I wouldn't say it's necessary - Stephanie is amazing and can make your wedding dreams come true regardless. It was just helpful to us because we really wanted to scope out the ceremony & reception locations, as well as options for hotels. We decided on the Wedding Garden, because it is easily the most beautiful place for the ceremony - and we were beyond thrilled with how gorgeous that turned out. For the reception, we decided on Las Gaviotas at the little resort Sol Cabanas del Caribe on the north end of the island. We just have an affinity for that place because it is quiet, private, and beautifully set right on the water. That also turned out incredible! They were very accommodating, reasonably priced, and extremely friendly and helpful. The food was also excellent!

I can't say enough about how perfect it turned out! Thank you, Stephanie, and Felipe, for making it incredibly beautiful, memorable, stress-free and fun. I was picky about the decorations, even bringing a lot of my own things, and you made it perfect - better than I even thought. I can't believe how gorgeous everything turned out - and I thought I'd have to enlist family & friends to help hang lanterns, light candles, etc. - what was I thinking??! You did it all while we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves, and you turned my vision into more than what I had even imagined. The flowers were out of this world, you had candles everywhere just like I wanted, and it was perfect!<br>There were times when I sent lengthy e-mails with a lot of questions, and Stephanie was extremely busy and took some time in getting back to me, but I can tell any bride-to-be that it is not anything to worry about! A few times I was a little nervous about whether or not she was getting everything, but she was very thorough in going through everything with me right before we left for Cozumel, and met with us several times when we got there to make sure we had it all straight. I can say from talking with her and experiencing her level of professionalism and attention to detail, that she is just a busy person - as she should be!

Stephanie is amazing in understanding your vision and your dreams for your big day, down to the very smallest detail. She is organized, totally on the ball, and a complete perfectionist. Again, I had a very detailed idea of how I wanted things to look, and she completely exceeded my expectations.

Our friends and family couldn't get over how beautiful everything was, and Stephanie made sure everyone knew where to go, when to go, what to do next - flawlessly. All my husband & I had to do was have a great time!

We also did a snorkel trip for everyone through Antonio at "Ocean Tours Cozumel" <oceantours@usa.net> - he was awesome in his communications with me prior to arriving in Cozumel, met with us when we got there, and completely professional in delivering what we wanted. He introduced us to a very fun, wonderful girl named Lorena (I hope I have that right - I can't find her card!), who made a great video of all of us on the boat, in the water, having fun. She edited it, added music, and created something really special for our guests to purchase if they wanted. It was awesome!

The Catch the Wave crew was so fun, and helped us with our slideshow we wanted to present on the boat. I just grabbed the sheet off our bed per Stephanie's recommendation, and they hung it up and got us all situated - it turned out perfect! Thank you to all of the crew for making it a fun night!<br>Thank you to the staff at Las Gaviotas restaurant - excellent service, extremely friendly and helpful wait staff, just awesome - thank you so much! Thank you to the staff at Mr. Sanchos, for hosting our short reception after the ceremony at the Wedding Garden. It was beautiful; you were wonderful - thank you!

Cozumel is a great place to get married, and there couldn't be anyone better than Stephanie to coordinate it. She does a very classy job, and her contacts and assistants with everything make it all come together flawlessly. We had 60 people to get here and there and it was no big deal! I am so happy I had her to help me make all my dreams come true that day, and would recommend her very highly over and over again!!

Thank you, everyone, for a most memorable and beautiful time!! We will be back to Cozumel many times...........!

Jennifer & Michael Hill
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Linda Pinnow

Post subject: PERFECT!!!!
Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2006 5:21 pm
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My husband and I just got married on February 10, 2006 in Cozumel. Words cannot express how wonderful Stephanie and Janie were through the entire planning process. They responded to all of my emails very quick and took all of my worries away. When we got to Cozumel, I knew everything was going to go perfect, so we actually got to sit back and relax until our wedding day!!! I felt like I had put the most important day of my life in the hands of a close friend. The wedding couldn't have been more perfect and I thank Stephanie and Janie for that. If anyone is planning their dream wedding on the beach, I will honestly say, Stephanie will make that dream wedding come true!! Even my husband brags about how wonderful she is!!! lindaprahl@hotmail.com
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Post subject: Better than PERFECT!
Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 9:04 am
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There are not enough Thank You's in the world to express the gratitude we feel toward Stephanie and Janie. They (and Daniella from Allegro) made our wedding day better than perfect! Communication from the US to CWP was a breeze using email and fax. They promptly replied to all (and there were tons) of our emails with definate answers, they were willing and able to run out and take photos of the rennovated resorts after the hurricanes, and they kept track of all of our legal requirements for the ceremony with the judge. Stephanie came out and met with us at the hotel days before the ceremony and went over what to expect - which was a huge comfort for all of us. I honestly believe that on the day of the wedding, Stephanie would have moved a mountain if she thought that it would make the day even better. She is absolutely amazing! jformanc@wfubmc.edu
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Kristin Kemp

Post subject: Cozumel Wedding Planner
Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 5:39 pm
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I would highly recommend Cozumel Wedding Planner. Our wedding was really wonderful. Stephanie did a fantastic job. Everything went very smoothly, and the outcome of the details was better than I could have imagined. For example, I only specified that I wanted "white flowers" for the bouquet, arrangements, etc., and everything made with flowers was gorgeous! Stephanie really made the whole process easy. kklanoue1@yahoo.com
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Kelly & Matt

Post subject: Our Perfect Destination Wedding
Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 10:54 am
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My fiance and I had decided to get married while on a cruise and wanted to get married on the beach. We knew Cozumel would be the perfect place because of the beautiful beaches, and lovely climate. I figured a destination wedding would be less hassle, and very romantic. I did a google search and Cozumelweddingplanner.com came up- I LOVED the pictures of the blue sky, and tropical flowers. It looked perfect! Everything was right at your fingertips too! Just click what you wanted and it ran an ongoing total for you! We just wanted a SIMPLE ceremony! So, the process was rather easy.
Even with the easy process there was a part of me that was still nervous- Having your special day sight unseen, can leave you wondering-
As our day approached I got a email from Janie who was just wonderful- Anytime I had a questions she was always quick to respond! A few hours if that was all I would have to wait to get a response!
As we pulled up to Mr Sancho's and went across the parking lot into the garden- I can't even begin to explain how relieved I was- The scenery was just breathtaking! It was so beautiful, lush green grass, lovely landscaping- Just a picture perfect place!
The ceremony was very nice, the Minister was wonderful and made it personal and meaningful, more than we expected!
For anyone considering getting married in Cozumel, you need to search NO MORE! Book right away with the Wedding Planner- They will make sure your day is just what you dreamed it would be!

PS The Bridal room to get ready in- Was heavenly! Air Conditioned, and mirrors with dressing tables, a nice touch for a excitable bride!!


Kelly and Matt S.
Belvidere Il 61008
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Melissa & Mark

Post subject: Our wedding couldn't have been more perfect!
Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 1:14 pm
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Stephanie couldn't have done a better job for us!! Making all of your wedding plans over e mail can be nerve racking but not with Stephanie! Every question we had was answered completely and very fast. If something was not copletely clear to her, she did not hesitate to ask the questions of us either. Stephanie definately wants to make sure that the wedding you have always dreamed of is your reality in Cozumel.

The weather was a little steamy in June, but overall, the most beautiful we could have hoped for. The garden setting at Mr. Sanchos is so beautiful...just breathtaking. Privacy was important to us so Mr. Sanchos was the perfect choice. When you have a wedding at a resort, you could potentially have the whole resort looking on and thats not what we were going for.

All in all, we could not have had our wedding turn out any better then it did and thats because Stephanie put all of her effort into making sure our day was perfect! THANKS, Stephanie!!melissarae73@hotmail.com
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Channisa Lowery

Post subject: Beyond Excell
Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:49 pm
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Beyond Excellent!

My wedding experience was the best thanks to Cozumel Wedding Planner! We arrived in Cozumel by cruise ship with 40 guests. While planning for my wedding I was nervous because I wasn't physically in Cozumel to pick out the wedding location so I did my research and took Stephanie's advice and went with Playa Azul. While in the planning stages, Stephanie always respond to emails and was VERY PATIENT! When I arrived I was SPEECHLESS! The set-up was BEAUTIFUL! I was in tears and I thank God that I was lead to Cozumel Wedding Planners because I couldn't ask for a better wedding day!

Side Note: All my family and friends looked at our pictures and said that my wedding was the best looking wedding they have ever seen!!
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