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Occidental Grand Cozumel

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Post  subject: srogers2@rochester.rr.com
    Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2005 10:40 pm
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A beautiful resort!

This is a beautiful, quiet and clean resport. Everything was lovely -- just a little quiet for my late teen children. But if you are looking to spoil yourself, this place is a great way to do it! The setting is glorious -- and it is close to the more remote, undeveloped parts of the island. The food was fine, service was great and setting couldn't be beat. A nice vacation.
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Post  subject: Terrible hotel
    Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2005 4:38 pm
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We stayed at the Grand Cozumel in Feb. 2005 for our wedding. Although this is a beautiful hotel, the staff was very rude to say the least. Upon our arrival they wanted to put us in a room with a king bed and charge extra for a rollaway. We were traveling with a 13 and 4 year old and an infant. We had booked a room with two double beds. After telling them this, they wanted to charge us extra for this! Talk about ridiculous.<br><br>On the day we met with our wedding coordinator, the security would not let her in. I told the front desk earlier in the day that we were meeting her for only a few minutes and to let her in. They acted like it was a big deal to let her come in to see us for 5 minutes!<br><br>The kids club lost our 4 year old one day. Luckily some of the people in our group noticed him by himself and filthy dirty with sand.<br><br>We have been to Cozumel before and stayed at ElCozumeleno. The grounds are not as immaculate but the staff is much nicer. <br><br>Part of our group accidently got booked at a different hotel. The staff at the Grand said they were booked and could not get them in. Upon talking to a time share employee, they said they could get them a room if we bought a $14,000 time share! Talk about holding that over our head. This was the worst experience we have ever had in Mexico. I would NOT reccommend this hotel to anyone!
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Hobby Horse

Post  subject: occidental
    Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2005 4:14 pm
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Definitely enjoyed the ROYAL CLUB...It is worth the extra $. We were able to book dinner for all 3 'reservation only' restaraunts upon our arrival. The concierge service was great. We didn't even have to pay to use the computer to check our email during our stay. Our own 'private jacuzzi for the Royal Club was a quiet place to relax. The real flowers on the countertops after the room was cleaned was a great added touch.

We traveled with our 17 yr old son and was disappointed with the evening 'entertainment' for the older teens. Since he was only 17 and not allowed in the disco after 10...it was kind of boring for him in the evenings...but the staff kept him busy during the days.
The food was always a great variety and enough to satisfy even the pickiest eaters...we enjoyed it all!!
Service staff was always polite, and willing to refill your drinks at a moment's notice.
The resort was booked full while we were there, so there were several times we were unable to get a shady spot around the pool or on the beach...not that many umbrellas when the house is full....that is when Royal Club made it worth it!
Overall, for our first trip here it was excellent...we will return.
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Carol Cohn

Post  subject: Grand Cozumel is a great vacation
    Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 6:29 pm
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I read lots of reviews on this site after I had already booked my vacation at this resort. Frankly I was a bit worried after some of the things I read. However, we had a great experience. My husband and two sons ( 18 & 20) had two rooms. They gave us keys that worked for both. The service from all employees was excellent. They had a wonderful attitude and demeanor. We tipped alot but I really don't think it mattered. We received the really good service before we tipped not after. The maids do make really awesome animals with the towels. We were treated to swans and elephants, both made even more beautiful with fresh flowers. The only down side was the mosquitos. You're in the jungle though, so what can you do? If you eat at one of the outdoor restaurants at night, load up on the bug spray. We had an awesome vacation and will definitely stay there again.

Carol Cohn
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Joined: 17 Apr 2006
Posts: 50

Post  subject: GRAND!!!
    Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 4:11 pm
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We just arrived back from the Occidental Grand. One big problem was our week vacation was way too short! <br> The room was clean, comfortable and spotless.The shower was really nice. With a nice tip, the maid surprised me everyday with a new towel animal adorned with flowers. The view off the balcony provided plenty of entertainment with the birds, butterflies and iguanas. The vegitation is coming back quickly.. <br> The whole place was clean and beautiful. The beach was beautiful! <br> They are still planting and doing cleanup in the areas between the buildings. Every day I saw new plants along the edges. Those people work hard! <br> The food was GREAT and the menu changes everyday. We never did make reservations in the two restaraunts. The waitors were really nice. <br> NOW THE BAD......<br> We tried to use the dive shop at the Grand. I wanted to go out snorkeling, but they were booked, it was too late,too early. Don't count on using any of the free water services either. They are full of excuses. The only thing they would let us do was rent a boat for $350. for two hours. I tried for 3 days with no luck, so book with somebody else if you want to snorkle<br>or go to a beach club for water toys.<br> We will definately go back next year.
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Joined: 17 Apr 2006
Posts: 50

Post  subject: Cozumel: Occidental Grand Cozumel: "second time not a c
    Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 5:31 pm
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Mar 11, 2007
We just returned from our 2nd trip in less than a year from the Grand. 3-3 thru 3/10. Our first trip was excellent, fantastic service in every area, clean well stocked rooms.
The property looks more beautiful as the jungle is returning quickly. Beautiful butterfies, birds and iguanas can be seen right off the balcony.
We had an early flight in. I was looking forward to breakfast in Cozumel. We arrived at the Grand around 10 am. By the time we got checked in, no place open to eat. Our luggage was left out front and was filled with ants. Fortunately we used spacebags when we packed. No safe to put passports, money and credit cards in.
Finally at 12:30, La Posada opened. We met Lindy. We waited an hour without any food. We left and went down to the buffet. We were greated there. My husband was starving and went to make a plate, I was greated and told we could not come in. No tables. I could have sat on the beach and ate, but I was not allowed in. I went over to my husband who had a plate of food with the hostess yelling at me. I handed her his plate of food. It is now 5 minutes till 2. Rafeal came up behind us and escorted us into the Royal Club where we finally got to eat. The waitor there was one of the nice guys we met last year.<br>Rooms- We checked in, the room was covered in dust.. Daily the maid forgot something in our room . She started off the next morning not leaving coffee. We gave her a $5. when we requested the coffee thinking it would up the service level a little. The next 3 days she did not restock the fridge with water. The 3rd and 4th day she took our washcloths. Day 5 I ran into the maid in the room next to us. I asked her to please leave a couple bottles of water, a washcloth and dust the place. I pointed to the water, showed her the washcloth. I saw someone who looked like she may be from housekeeping and spoke to her. I did call the front desk 3 nights so they knew what was going on. I was ignored. Last year we tipped our maid $5 a day, for doing her job. This year you couldn't buy water, coffee and washcloths for $5 a day.
Restaraunts- La Posada is open for breakfast buffet from 7am till 10:30. Get there early if you would like to eat off a plate. 3 out of 6 days they did not have plates out. I ordered an omelet with nothing but a tiny saucer to put it on. The omelet lady went in back to me a plate. When the food ran out, it was out.
La Posada is now an a-la-carte between 12:30 and 3. Lindy will make your day as you sit for an hour and wait for your food. We left after an hour. By the way, there were 2 couples there at that time.
The beach club is open between 12 and 4. They do have fish, beef skirt and pork steak they will put on the grill for you.They also grill out there everyday. They have two BBQ grills going. We went by the grills on our way from the bathrooms before they started cooking, they were filthy. A word of warning on some of their food. It was about 10am when we returned from our morning beach walk. They had pork chops that were already cooked, but cold sitting out in a pan.<br>Be prepared to go to the bar as the waiters are too lazy to bring a simple glass of water.<br>La Posada has their buffet for dinner. Again, get their early, grab a plate and be prepared to take the plastic off the food on the buffet.. There are a few good waitors there from last year who are excellant and a joy to be around. <br>Timeshare tip. We met Carlos on our first day there. Every time we came up front he was on my heals. (Mind you I left my 7 year old chatterbox at home for a reason.) Carlos was worse than him. Finally on the 3rd day I went into mommy-mode with the pointed finger/other hand on the hip thingy we moms do. I use the quiet voice I do with chatty son after he is on my last nerve. "Listen" I say- "I said no , I mean no, now got sit down." as I wave my hand shewing him away. Carlos never bothered me again. <br>Check out time is 12 noon, but they locked us out of our room before 11 while we were at the beach. (our luggage and passports were still in the room)
We did make it a good trip, we had a lot of fun because we decided not to let them ruin our vacation.
Tip.. get a vehical, get out off the resort and see Cozumel. Our best days were the days we ate and played off the resort.
Plan on buying bottled water, coffee, take your own wash cloths. Go with the low expectations and you will not be disapointed.
The Grand isn"t Grand anymore. We are very disapointed.
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Joined: 17 Apr 2006
Posts: 50

Post  subject: The 3rd times a charm!
    Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 5:20 pm
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We just got back from the Grand Jan.4 thru the 11th.

We arrived late after a 6 hour flight delay.

Check in was great. The assistant manager welcomed us back, checked us in immediately and with a cold glass of champagne in hand we took the cart back to building 17 to a nice clean wellstocked room with a view of the jungle and a bit of the ocean.
Food is the only reason I would not give the Occidental Grand an excellant rating. The breakfast and dinner buffets are pretty good , I always found something good to eat. They do recycle a lot of food. The beach club I would rate down there with McDonalds, just add dead flys in the food. We never did make the reservation restaraunts.
Service was very good this time in all areas.
The grounds at the Grand are beautiful as usual!
Timeshare sharks-- we were not bothered at all. I believe they remembered me from March.
Resort dive course was great. My hubby enjoyed his first boat dive. Pablo took excellant care of him.
I have to admit, I had reservations when I booked this resort due to a previous experiance there. I am glad I gave the Grand a third try.
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Post  subject: This is a diver's vacation ...
    Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 10:00 am
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This is a divers vacation and not a place where you want to spend time in the hotel.<br>The food was okay but this is not a 5 star hotel.<br>The Royal Club section is a lot better than the rest of the hotel.<br>But we still had a good time and you get what you pay for.<br>Bruno from Montreal
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